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It appears that Proton is about to unveil an updated version of its long-running MPV model, the Exora this week, according to a post on its Facebook page telling its viewers that something is “coming to you” on August 19, 2022, along with a link to its page for registrations of interest for the upcoming model.

Proton deupty CEO Roslan Abdullah confirmed earlier in May that the Exora will receive a refresh this year, and so this is most likely to be the update that has been in the works for the brand’s people-mover.

The tagline attached to the social media post reads “the performance to run free,” suggesting that the coming update for the Exora will bring renewed vigour, and judging by the depiction of horses in the imagery, perhaps there will some added horsepower to drive said performance? We will soon find out.

2019 Proton Exora RC Premium (below)

Back to the earlier information provided by Roslan, the deputy CEO said that the coming update for the Exora will be more substantial than the last one it received in 2011, though it will be not quite to the extent applied to the Saga facelift in May.

Roslan did not divulge specific details on the Exora’s future powertrain at the time, though a new engine for the MPV possibly introduced later in its lifecycle could be either the 1.8 litre four-cylinder unit in the X70, or the 1.5 litre three-cylinder unit in the X50, which the larger SUV received in a minor change (MC) update.

The carmaker’s deputy CEO also reiterated that the company is aware of the oil cooler hose (OCH) issue that has affected the CFE engine in the Exora, saying in May that Proton is designing a new version of the part that should be more durable. This coming model update for the Exora would appear to be a good time for its inclusion.

GALLERY: 2019 Proton Exora 1.6T Premium

Yup. The KING EXORA remains on its throne.

Like Aaron Kwok, Alan Tam, and the other Kings some say dinosaurs but still gets the popular crowds. That’s the most important.

2023 Proton Exora got a new grille,

Guess so, don’t need much since it had been beating the crap out of its nearest competitors.

Botox..botox..botox Facelift..boob job..what else Ruslan taikor? The whole blardy mpv sucks..just a sunset Jurassic mpv with ancient technology…with plastic surgery.Thats how it is.

It is undisputed that Aaron Kwok, Alan Tam, and the other Kings had done botox and facelift and some would say they are jurassic but still gets the popular crowds going. That’s the most important. That is why Exora no matter how old is still the best seller. A little nip & tuck would do wonders as with my Heavenly King name, Alan.

Oh my Exora ~ I’ve been running through the jungle I’ve been running with the wolves To get to you, to get to you I’ve been down the darkest alleys Saw the dark side of the moon To get to you, to get to you I’ve looked for love in every stranger Took too much to ease the anger All for you, yeah, all for you

Based on their track record, I am guessing tye update will be THE NEW PROTON LOGO! Bravo!

Unless there is a worthy competitor to take its throne there is little incentives to make it significantly better than what is today.

It is already break even a long time ago and still have strong demand. So Proton + Geely continue squeezing it until the last drop. Actually it is the truly Malaysian need and want car, affordable, spacious, maintenance like a car, less complicated electronics things.

Innova generation 1 with 3 facelifts only lasted 11 years.

Vios with multiple facelifts and face changes have been going on since gen 1 2003 until DNGA incoming. That is coming to 20 years, so?

throw in the 1.5L 3 pot turbo and 7 speed dct? that will be awesome!

OK laa, now RM59k 1.6 4cyl Turbo CVT tukar jadi 1,5 3cyl, streamline production.

Well obviously they would not do that considering if the price remains the same that would be a super bargain while who would buy the x90 when it launches next year. China engine is only for the future of Proton cars not looking back.

Dah lama dah. Bulan Jun lalu dah beres boss….

My best guess will be, i) New roundel logo ii) Proton inscription at rear iii) New bumper design iv) New rim design v) LED bulb headlamp vi) Redesign tailgate vii) Same steering design as the new Saga viii) New Pak Tam cilok OCH design ix) Maybe new engine and gear box from X50?

I hope too… Refer Proton Exora article dated 5 May 2019.

still want to cheat the rakyat with an old model…

But the rakyat that made it best selling MPV

without rely on rebadge from geely, what else can proton designers come out? look at iriz, persona, saga……..Malaysia have 32million people but unable find just one good at art?

How can this go through that thick skull of yours. Not all 32 million people sees art nor design the same! Do you feel butterfly in your stomach when you look at the Mona Lisa painting? Or you just thought “that’s just a normal painting of a woman, anyone can do that”? If you ask me, which is better looking, Saga or Bezza? I would 100% say Saga look better but you know what, I bought myself a Bezza instead.

An exora is 295kg heavier than the new Alza AV boot size is 5 litre less with all seats up

throw in the old punch cvt, and its clear as day that it is not a competitive product

gulps fuel vs its sipping competition

Another diesel lorry engine MPV on the road soon. It’s astonishing how a scrapped engine can be selected for use in all P1 models. Malaysia Boleh.

Kalau ye pun face lift tukarlah sikit depan tu bg nampak modern sikit, nampak ala2 xpander pun ok dah.. ni rupa tua juga dikekalkan.

Proton car nice interior but the engine and facelift hardly find any major improvement from day 1 launch.

my guess, since there are 5 running horse, probably extra 5 more horsepower to engine. hahaha

After 13 years of the same design. Time for a total change.

Upgrade the 2nd row seat with ISOFIX, sliding and tumble-up like the one PROTON exported to Australia at least. It is on PROTON shelf already kan. Why cannot?

After so many years in production, all tooling amortised already. So it is just stamping, welding, assembling..no extra R&D costs. Still can sell consistently 500 units monthly now.

lelast changed to 6at geabox and new och

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