Vacuum dehydration lubricating oil hydraulic oil coolant oil filter (TYA-150)

Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Hydraulic Oil Coolant Oil Purifier (TYA-150)1. Oil purifier used hydraulic oil purifier machines2. Automatic backwashing system3. Dehydration, degasification, remove impurities4. CE, ISOTechnology InformationThere are usually two forms for water and gas in oil. Dissolved water and gas (below saturatio

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Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Hydraulic Oil Coolant Oil Purifier (TYA-150)

1. Oil purifier used hydraulic oil purifier machines
2. Automatic backwashing system
3. Dehydration, degasification, remove impurities
4. CE, ISO

Technology Information
There are usually two forms for water and gas in oil. Dissolved water and gas (below saturation point) exists in the majority of oil system and oil equipment, while free water and gas (above saturation point) in the presence of many oil.

Because these reasons that leakage, seal lax and open style oil storage, which causes the moisture content, the gas subsidence in the oil.

The impurities and dust enters into the oil by reason of leakage, system abrasion and high temperature, to cause the oil decompose and separate colloid material.

The Harm of Containing Water, Gas and Impurities
Oil will oxidate rapidly and product acidic material, eroding the metal surface;

The chemical additive invalidate, reducing the thickness of lubrication film and aggravating the machine abrasion.

The lubrication, cooling, the flow were reduced then accelerating the fatigue of the metal surface;

The ice crystals which formed under low temperature will block elements and lower the systemic rigidity

The slow response of the system run with irregular movement, lower the conduction performance

The high temperature of the oil can't cool effectively.

The oil pump and the power equipment were damaged because of the cavitations erosion.

The machine is a high vacuum machine with dehydration plant and three high-precision filters, which can remove water, impurities, gas thoroughly and quickly from all kinds of waste Lubrication oil, high viscosity oil, light diesel oil, hydraulic oil turbine oil and refrigerant oil.

What is important is that this machine utilizes a physiochemical reaction to eliminate the acidic component, absorb the sulfur content and the tiny impurities for changing the color to light yellow or limpid. Please check the above picture, the decolorization three filters are filled with Silica Gel

Technical Parameters
ParametersUnitTYA-10TYA -20TYA-30TYA -50TYA -100TYA -150TYA -200TYA -300
Flow rateL/h600120018003000600090001200018000
Vacuum degreeMpa-0.06 ~- 0.095
Working pressureMpa≤0.4
Temperature degree C0~100
Power supply 3Phase, 380V, 50Hz(or as needed)
Working noisedB(A)≤75≤75≤75≤78≤78≤78≤80≤82
Electric heating powerkW364045728090120135
Total electric powerkW3842477587101135147
Inlet (outlet) calibermm2525253242505060
Sizemm1500x1000x 16001500x1050x 16001500x1050x16501600x1150x17001750x1150x17501900x1600x19501950x1600x19502100x1600x2000
Detailed Image 
Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Hydraulic Oil Coolant Oil Purifier (TYA-150)
Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Hydraulic Oil Coolant Oil Purifier (TYA-150)
Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Hydraulic Oil Coolant Oil Purifier (TYA-150)

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Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Hydraulic Oil Coolant Oil Purifier (TYA-150)
Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Hydraulic Oil Coolant Oil Purifier (TYA-150)

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Vacuum Dehydration Lube Oil Hydraulic Oil Coolant Oil Purifier (TYA-150)

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